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We Want You to Lose Weight and We're Willing to Train You For FREE! (Yes you read that right!)
Peak Physique Boot Camp, Boxing
233 W. Rt. 59, Nanuet, NY 10954 
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The "Fit in 42" 6 Week Challenge is NOW OPEN!
Hundreds of Success Stories and Counting...Will You Be Next?
Due to high demand your spot will be released in:
Mom always said, "it's more fun when you share with others!"
Here's REAL Proof That This Works for Others and Can Work for YOU Too!
Trust me all of these people are amazing people but there's "nothing special" about them when it came to weight loss, in fact most have a "difficult time losing weight" and have had many failed attempts!
Still Wondering if This Will Work for You? (And What makes this different?)
What is Our Secret Recipe for Success?
(It's so simple you might actually be disappointed)
Important Pillar #1:
"Afterburn" Metabolic Workouts
Our interval based "Afterburn" workouts use only the newest and most proven methods of interval based training to tighten, tone, firm and basically melt fat!
Interval based training is so effective that a sustained metabolic effect (increased caloric burn rate AKA increased fat burn rate) can last up to 48 hours after a single 30 minute workout!
More Important Pillar #2:
Exclusive Nutritional Program
Our "48hr Fat Loss" nutritional coaching program is done-for-you! Just fill in the blanks of the basic info and it will direct you to the meal plan to start with! Additionally we teach you how you can easily consume any food on the planet, or use any recipe (or choose from dozens of our pre-prepped recipes) to give you the variety that other can't! We'll even simplify your grocery shopping with shopping lists that have cut our own shopping time in half each week!

You'll make progress every 48hr hours! And when you don't a short video will guide you through the exact simple change to make next! Follow the program as advised and it has a near 100% success rate! This is safe, sustainable, only as restrictive as you want it to be; this will work for you! 
Uber Important Pillar #3:
Real Support From Real People
Let's face it, resources and tools are great but what helps one person confuses another; and that's why we're here to help every step of the way! We have extended hours before and after camps to help you when you need it most (and breaks between most camps), we'll have weekly live video training and we'll be checking in with you weekly!  You'll also have our amazing community 24/7  access to our private Facebook community and; Finally if all of that isn't enough you'll have unlimited text and email support from us; your personal coaches for the duration!
The Most Important Pillar #4:
A Loving Community
Ok maybe a fun community seems like it should be a given but; how many times have you been to gyms or fitness class where half the participants were wearing headphones? Or where no one spoke to each other or bunched up in small groups pushing new people to the outside?

We pride ourselves on our safe and welcoming community, life is a team sport and to be surrounded by supportive like minds is essential for success! And have you ever stuck with anything for long that you didn't enjoy?
How will continuing to wait or struggle on your own help?
We are real people right where you live and we
sincerely want to help! 
Given that it's FREE to register and we want to give you the opportunity to train for FREE (There’s 2 ways to get it FREE!) what exactly is holding you back? 

Please help us help you. 

Claim your spot by clicking the button below.
So Seriously What's the Catch?
Simple, there isn't one!
We are going to put 100% of our resources to work for you, but we can only help those willing to give us 100% in return and that's the purpose of the orientation, you to meet us, us to meet you, to discuss all the details of what's expected of you and see if there's a good fit! We are going to ask you to make a personal commitment but... there's zero obligation, and if anything you'll leave with great info and tools that will help you lose weight even if you don't work with us! Is that worth 60 minutes of your time? (If not then you're probably not the person we're looking for and that's ok.)

100% serious about making a change? This is not a gimmick and it’s not a trick.
Join our 6-week challenge with a deposit. (Wait a minute can’t I get it FREE?) 
Yes you can! But only if you’re as serious about helping yourself as we are about helping you.  

Why can we afford to train committed people for FREE? Well it's simple, we're just like you, we're scared of being ripped off and we too make decisions about what to buy based on reviews and the experiences of others. We can train committed people for FREE because your transformations help us attract more people just like you. (And because truth is most people keep doing something they like and decide to stay after.)

But let me ask you one very honest question: Have you ever given 100% to anything where there was no risk or consequence for not giving your best effort?

I haven’t, I can’t think of anyone that I know that has, and I am guessing if you’re being totally honest with yourself you haven’t either am I right? It’s just human nature, we never fully commit when there’s no risk and this is why you have to have skin in the game (aka a little fear) to be successful. Remember that because we will discuss this at your orientation.

No hassles, no obligations, just one more question, are you truly committed to change?

We all know when there’s nothing on the line and no risk of failure that we never give our best effort, I mean why would we? It’s fear and (reasonable) risk that helps us overcome the challenge of change.
When you lose 20lbs or more during the challenge you will be refunded every penny of your deposit you paid to join the challenge, or apply it towards your ongoing program if you choose to continue!
And if by some chance you don’t reach your goal we’ll credit every penny you paid for the challenge to an ongoing membership to help you get there still!

Our intention is to get you amazing results and provide an equal experience. We know that when that happens that most people keep doing something they like and choose to stay.

(You've been warned, though there's no obligation to buy, join or stay and even should you decide to eventually buy a membership with us everything we do is backed by a 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. You'll see this on everything we do, would we have such good reviews if we didn't take your satisfaction seriously?)
233 W. Rt. 59, Nanuet, NY 10954
Up to 10 camps a day to choose from! (See our full schedule below)
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